Pole Dance Flow

Pole Dance Flow

Fridays 5:30-6:30pm

Sunday 3-4pm

(starting September 15th 2019)

*Must call or text or claim your pole. Only 6 spots available. 


$20 Drop-in

$65 - 4 pack

$112 - 8 pack

Come join Jeanette Fultz for this one hour open level pole dance class. In a beautiful studio located in downtown Saratoga Springs, with bamboo floors and soft lighting, Jeanette will create a safe and comfortable atmosphere to help you soften into this beautifully sensual movement. With humor and down to earth terminology you will be lead through beginner level pole dance moves, spins, lifts and exercises. But the main theme is the empowering sexy, strong, soft, sensual luxurious MOVEMENT. 

Leave feeling like a Goddess, a Warrior, a Priestess, a Superhero and a little kid... (because it's so much fun!!)


@ Bloom Movement Studio

153 Regent St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

What to wear

Yoga tanks, tees, capris or shorts. Booty shorts are best for "pole stick". But not necessary. Feel free to sass it up, you want to bring that Goddess energy in. So add some flare, have some fun. 

We dance barefoot. No heels in this class. 

Don't wear any rings or bracelets. They get in the way. 

Don't wear any body lotion. It makes you slip more. 

Bring water! And a hand towel if you'd like. It is a workout.

What to expect

15 minutes of Warm-up. A mix of fluid yoga with sexy floor dance moves.

10 minutes of hip opening, booty shaken, rockin movement and routines.

30 minutes  to build a short beginner pole dance routine using the spins of the day. 

End with a relaxing  pole stretches & yoga.



If you are a beginner, expect this to take a little time to feel comfortable in your body. This is like learning a whole new language. After 3-4 classes, the moves start to feel more natural, more sensual, more relaxed. 

These classes are a chance to learn self compassion and self acceptence. Being ok with the body we have right now. With all its flaws and imperfections as well as all its beauty, curves, power and healing capacity. We learn to embrace our vulnerblity and be courageuos to step outside of our comfort zones. 

As we make this a practice, we will get stronger, we will experience freedom with our movements and trust in our bodies wisdom. Training our minds away from self critisism to self love. Together we help each other RISE, Rise to the women we were born to be. 





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